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The show was fantastic, great job.

Just another big thanks, Mick, for a truly memorable event, yours Citroënly.

Thank you Mick and congratulations for the choice of the site for the event. I travelled in a Traction 11B from Normandie, France ... 5 days and 1,415 km ... without problem with a marvellous Citroën.
JL - F

Hello Mick, or if you prefer a Kiwi greeting, Kia ora ! So many pleasant memories of our trip from New Zealand to Harrogate Yorkshire. It was through your enthusiasm for the event 2 years ago that stirred us into action. Consequently, we bought our admission tickets as soon as they were available. We extended our holiday and included Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Europe. Naturally we took a few photos on our travels (4,500) and it is only in the last few days that I've managed to organise time to peruse and sort them. We have a folder containing over 600 just of the Rally. The Taranaki Citroën Club meet in two days time and members are chomping at the bit with eagerness to see what they missed out on. Please forward our thanks to the Organising Committee and Volunteers. Their efforts made our visit to your country a tremendous experience.

Just a quick note from me as just another member to thank all those who took part in the ICCCR, especially to Mick, Nigel, etc. It was a great success, the weather was fabulous and it was the best £50 I've spent!

All our members who went said it was excellent, well done all, more joint events with 2CVGB and CCC,etc. ...good job!

Totally agree, the organisation, the site, the facilities and the CARS, wow the cars!

Many thanks to the organisers who did such a fantastic job. Great site, catering, entertainment and amazing cars. A really great event.
B - GB

I went for the day on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed the day, the journey in the 2CV and the opportunity to buy some bits and not get stung for delivery. An excellent effort all round. Thanks.

Dear Mick, Nigel, Barry, Marcus and all the others involved.
I can't believe it is over 3 weeks since I attended the most wonderful Citroën Weekend ever.
Thank you all so much for the tremendous effort in putting on the ICCCR, I came by 1954 Traction Light Fifteen and had a fabulous time.


Thank you very, very much for this wonderful event. My wife and I enjoyed everything you offered:
Citroën cars, the showground with its facilities, the entertainment programme and the weather!
You promised "a very British event" and that it was for us.
After more than 20 years we came back to Harrogate. It was really worth the 2nd visit!

U & KR - D

Dear Citroën Friends in the UK,
Many thanks for the way you all have organised the wonderful event in Yorkshire last August. We (my wife and I and our 1973 DS 20 Pallas) had a fanatastic time during these four days!


Sorry if l write only now, l have just come back home from my holidays. l want to say thank you to all, really a wonderful organisation.
RP - I

A BIG THANKS to Barry, Peter, Graham, Darrin, James, John, Ray and son, and Martin for the tremendous effort put in by the Garage. Apologies if I have missed anyone.

Big thanks from me too.... that's our Bamboo in the far right corner having its calipers unseized. The brakes failed as we turned into the showground! .... everytime we went up to have a look there was a different group of cars being worked on ... particular thanks to Barry for putting in so many hours. We couldnt have enjoyed the event without him.

The ICCCR 2012 was a great event for me and Sebastian thank you to all the people for your hard work.
Greetings from Switzerland.


Well done and thank you for organising such a brilliant event!
I hope that future events will live up to the bench mark you have set!


Wonderful event! My first ICCCR, I don't think ever seen so many special Citroëns together at one event.

Big thanks from all who attended :-)

We want to say a big thank you to the countless volunteers who made this amazing event possible and contributed in many ways to a thoroughly enjoyable short break. From the people who kept the facilities clean, those who arranged the entertainment, manned the gate, arranged that FANTASTIC "Keep Left" museum and did so much else, to the new friends we made, not forgetting the very friendly people of Harrogate: Thank You. All that you did was noted and appreciated.

Absolutely fantastic, loved every minute, especially meeting friends old and new. Helly asked me on the way home, "of all the cars, which one did you like the most?" Tough question, but I have to say 'Alfonse!

What a fab show!!!

What a superb event. Great weather, great people, superb entertainment, incredible cars on site (first time I've seen a Kegresse on the move!) and frankly a bit too much stimulation! I'm exhausted but very happy. Many thanks to the hard working people who made this event happen.

It was the best meeting I've ever been to Mick. Well done to all of you. The Ukelele Orchestra were staying in our hotel so we saw them at breakfast! They weren't wearing their dinner suits though.

Congratulations from Debra and I for a fantastic event. Despite naysayers the venue was perfect, the organisation spot on, and everyone was friendly and welcoming. The people of Harrogate have been brilliant too! The ICCCR 2012 team have done a brilliant job. Time for a rest now ladies and gents!
We drove from Harrogate to Colchester after celebrating my wife's 60th birthday and our 18th wedding annivesary with friends and family at Betty's Tea Room. Along the way we made sure we waved to all the classic Citroëns we saw. Some of them waved back too!


Absolutely fabulous. You all did a wonderful job and as Craig has said everything appeared seamless. Harrogate was a WONDERFUL CHOICE. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Rita wrote: It's been an amazing few days. Thanks to the hard working organisers and volunteers for an outstanding effort at the ICCCR. The Netherlands have a tough act to follow. Special thanks to Hilly Fletcher, Mick Popka, Maurice Dilley, Nigel Wild, Jean Henderson, Jan John and the million and one others who made it so amazing.

Dear ICCCR Team,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful meeting! Well organised with attention to detail, and the weather God was well bribed :-) On the camping we had sort of our little universe apart, and I am afraid we didn't make use of the varied programme as much as we could, but the ambiance of the rally was very good. Thank you again for a wonderful event!
The happy camper :-)


Wow how many of you guys are invading Harrogate?

Thank you, too ! most has been said, I liked the shuttle bus taking some time off his stay in the museum !

I agree - it was a brilliant weekend.

Nice to see the close-ups of the information panels by the Conservatoire cars - I have to say that since I wrote many of them - you can see more info about these cars at www.citroenet.org.uk

The ICCCR event was superb. Applause especially for the museum!!!!
HM - D

Good to see you and a lot of faces I haven't seen for a long time... an excellent day ! Should have been there in a Citroën though..

Hello, just a little note to tell you how delighted we were to participate in the 15th ICCCR. The organisation was perfect and a beautifully chosen site. Congratulations to all organisers. After a short detour through the Peak District with beautiful scenery, my H Type 1950 after covering the 3400 km from my village of Le Thor in Provence returned to his garage and is now entitled to a well deserved rest. Still BRAVO and thank you all.
JL - F

Impressed by the service on the Information Desk - very helpful.

Dear Mick, unlike Salbris where there were horrendous queues to get into the event, our arrival was excellent. Full credit for the organisation is due to the volunteers who manned the arrival gates. Well done.

Just a quick note to thank you and all concerned in putting on an excellent rally at Harrogate. This was our first visit to a major event and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Every one we spoke to of all nationalities all remarked on the excellent organisation of the rally.
Once again thanks to all.


Thank you very much for the fantastic event of the 15th ICCCR in Harrogate. (Indeed we needed the umbrella as a sun-parasol, the weather was superb!) We can look back on a spectacular Citroën event!! See you in 2016 in the Netherlands!

We were able to attend on a day basis on Saturday 11th, and I have to say we were extremely impressed by the whole event, and the professional scale of the organisation.

I would just like to thank you and the organising team for such an excellent ICCCR. I am sure that the effort that you all put into the organisation over the last few years has been very demanding, but I can assure you that from a 'consumers' point of view the end result was excellent and you can be very pleased with yourselves. I hope that you will all now be able to enjoy a well earned rest!

Fantastic Event! All concerned can be very chuffed with themselves. It has given the Dutch something to think about for 2016.

Well done!  What a brilliant show and just reward for all your efforts.  I know that there were others in the team, particularly Nigel, who must have worked equally hard but we in the TOC know your energy and enthusiasm must have had a huge impact.  You make me tired just talking to you.
It was particularly good to show off Britain to the overseas visitors – and Yorkshire in particular, even if God’s own country is really Somerset – and there was certainly divine intervention from whoever controls the weather.
It will probably take you another year or so to come down off the cloud that you’re now floating on.
So congratulations and I look forward to saying thank you in person at the next meeting we both manage to attend.
All the best


We would like to congratulate you and your team for all the hard work over the last few years, which certainly paid off. We had a really super time at the rally and we were so impressed with the “Yorkshire sunshine”. How did you wangle that?
Time for a good rest now?
Well done once again


Hilly, just got back from a North Yorkshire Moors trip which we went on directly after the ICCCR. We had a 'great' time in Yorkshire.
With regards to the show it was fantastic and yes there were lots of wonderful people but you stood out amongst them.
My thanks to the organisers and all the volunteers, very well done.
All the best


I want to thank you and your team very much for this well organised meeting in Harrogate. My team and I were very surprised by your organisation.
Everybody of your team seems to be relaxed and nice, the event followed a smooth path, internet café, good diners, fine music, nice camping site.
For us it was nearly a complete vacation.  
Thanks again and best regards,  


Sarah wrote: A great weekend, nice atmosphere and very well organised. We really enjoyed it.

Just to say  A GREAT WEEKEND.   You even made a good job of organising the WEATHER !!!  
Loved the 5hp ... well done. Hope we will see it again soon.
Well done to all at Harrogate.


A big THANK YOU to all who made this event such a wonderful and peaceful weekend.
HM - D

Just a quick word to thank you and all your colleagues on the ICCCR 2012 Team for an immense job very well done.
There may have been one or two flaws behind the scenes but we did not see any at all – which means that your people made an effort of thinking about everything.
The venue was great, the open, easy-going organisation without too many restrictions was just what I believe the Citroën loving public was looking for.
This event will be very difficult to equal in the future.
Please pass the word to all the workers who made the 15th ICCCR a great success!


You all worked very hard indeed, well done.

Congrats on the show - was great!


Thanks for booking the right weather ;) 

Nigel, Mick and ICCCR team,
On behalf of the German Citroën car clubs, the Amicale Citroën Deutschland would like to thank you, the organisation and the countless volunteers for this wonderful event in Harrogate.
I remember when I bought an ICCCR umbrella souvenir at the Technoclassica's ICCCR booth in April earlier this year, Mick came up and said: "You won't need an umbrella but a parasol". Despite our weather expectations - and especially after we were informed about the rain and floods days and weeks before the ICCCR - it turned out that Mick was right.
Guys, how did you manage to also deliver that as well?
Another highlight to mention when we arrived: The queue at the welcome area. The... what? No big line-up of cars anticipating the registration at all. It took us 2 minutes to wait, and another 1 minute to be warmly welcomed to enter the site on Thursday 5pm.
Lesson learned from earlier events. Well prepared!
While the impressive dimensions of the Greater Yorkshire Showground took us a few minutes to get accustomed to, everything turned out to be well laid out and in walking distance. A nice variety of food, beverages and drinks, not to forget the famous 43 different ales Mick advocated for all the time set the base to explore the rest.
The Citroën Museum. What a stunning selection of vehicles!
While we as Delegates have seen some of the Conservatoire's cars, the big variety of outstanding UK owned and Slough-built cars including unique RHD vehicles took us several hours of admiration and close inspection. To know they exist is one thing, to be able to aggregate them to one place and allow visitors to get as close as possible to each of them is another.
The fireworks - just wow! Perfectly coordinated on the fraction of a second to the audio - "Carmina Burana" perfectly matching a gorgeous viaduct show from which we were told people even downtown in Harrogate have noticed it.
Food and eye candy were perfectly matched by the entertainment on site throughout the day. Be it the Grinnigogs with some medieval performance on Friday afternoon, the bluegrass or the awesome Magic Queen band - for sure we went "Ga Ga" that night!
Next to clean and sufficient number of rest rooms and showers, a well-working repair workshop, the auto jumble, private and commercial sales, we've also experienced a great Harrogate population downtown. I remember when Mick and myself went in his Light Fifteen Roadster down to the Lloyds bank - many people not only admired the car but also could tell stories about their own Citroën ownership history and quite a number of people promised to visit the meeting.
One recommendation to the next ICCCR team would be to exploit on that and install an expo booth in the nearby city throughout the event days to invite people to come over to the site.
We hope that this event and its international perception helps improving the relationship between clubs and the manufacturer. Even though tough times are ahead of PSA we believe that the integration of clubs as brand ambassadors is a mandatory action for a brand to do. The support from the German branch office by sponsoring not only the "Amicale Citroën" branded DS3 Racing but also executing a lottery amongst the enthusiasts is a great example on how good relationships can be, and we hope that this can be copy-cat'd by other countries, too. We were happy to humbly support the "charity rides" for the “Candlelighters Charity” with the DS3, too.
Some impressions are available on our website at
Dear organisers and volunteers, many thanks for making this great ICCCR a reality!
From Germany, we'd like to invite you to come and visit us at the next Technoclassica 2013 "Citroën-Strasse" which will be held in Essen.
Thanks again, take care

Stephan Joest
Amicale Citroën Deutschland

Thank you for having a great meeting! Really had a good time!


Huge thanks go to you and your team as well!  It is mind-boggling to think of all the effort that must go into an event like this.


Russian CX was very happy to see you all :) All was amazing, thank you!

A message for Mick!   We attended on Saturday 11th, and I have to say we were extremely impressed by the whole event, and the professional scale of the organisation.  

We thoroughly enjoyed the ICCCR, Peter showing off his Roadster 1927, driving around my family, enjoying the programme.... and weren't we lucky with the weather?  This must take such an effort to organise. However, the enthusiasm from all was so obvious and infectious.  Thank you very much from we who enjoyed the fun of it all.

I have to say that myself and my son had an EXCELLENT time at your wonderful show, sadly we could only attend on the Thursday but we still had a great day  even though we had the only Saxo there...

I just want to say how brilliant the weekend Citroën event was and I enjoyed it enormously. I know that you and your colleagues have probably worn yourselves out with the effort you put in to make it such a fantastic and friendly meeting. Give you and all your mates a collective pat on the back. What you need now is a re-bore, an oil change (preferably real ale), take your wheels off and give the old back axle a rest! From an appreciative and grateful Citroën fanatic.

On  behalf of the French visitors and myself, please accept our congratulations for an outstanding event. You even managed the weather to perfection.
GF - F

I would like thank the organising team and all the volunteers. Thanks for the great event.
Had a great time in Harrogate. Thank you all for the hard work

Having attended the ICCCR on Thursday and Friday, can I thank all those that helped to put on such a great show. Having never been to an ICCCR before it was like being in Citroën Heaven !
I was surprised at the huge numbers of overseas visitors and some of the rarest Citroën models attending. The weather was great along with a fantastic atmosphere.
Again many thanks for a great show.


As a full on petrol head and participant in lots of events, including organising, this goes down as one of the best. New to the 2CV scene, but also Aircooled VW fans, regular attendees at Bug Jam, it was refreshing to note the absence of pot heads and chavs! Whilst driving around the site was permitted, most were at a safe pace. Some top motors, amazing diversity of cultures and lots to do. The music was spot on throughout. Will be on the lookout for more!!
And thanks for your assistance in booking together with prompt responses to emails. See you soon!!


I would like to say a big THANK YOU for the best ever rally. Well done everyone.

Congratulations on a magnificent event.  My son and I registered and attended on the Saturday in our very rare VISA decapotable.  We had a very enjoyable day.  I would like to ask if you have available one of the plaques that many of the cars were displaying.  It would be nice to have a memento of the occasion.

Hello, back from the ICCCR, I feel it necessary to give a great compliment: As a bonus to this unbelievably perfect organisation in all aspects God has given this incredibly sunny wheather over all the event. Thank you and all the numerous friendly helpers for this stunning meeting set up in parallel to the comparably well-rated Olympics.
US - D

We had a wonderful time at the ICCCR.
See you in Holland in 2016!


Just a short message to say a very BIG thank you for all involved in organising and planning the ICCCR. I was only able to attend on the Sunday but thoroughly enjoyed the day, and all that there was to see. The museum cars were amazing as was the whole set up.

Very many thanks to everyone for a great week-end.  An especially grateful thank you goes to the mechanical assistance which substituted two worn-out rear suspension spheres on my DS.  My return journey to Milan was a great deal more comfortable.
EG - I


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