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Theft from KGV143K between 7.30PM and 12.00PM on Sunday the 12th August 2012 from the ICCCR event at the Harrogate Events Centre.

Somebody must have seen something? 

On Sunday evening while the amazing Ukulele Orchestra were playing, my car was targeted by thieves at the ICCCR who unlocked my doors with a classic Citroën key and stole all of my belongings.

Someone must have seen something or heard of someone after the event having many new things from the event. Below is a list of things that were stolen from my car while we were being entertained in the Balard. 

My car was also parked close the the side entrance to the Hall 2 Museum between 5-7.30PM while I was helping to dismantle the Museum on Sunday 12th.

My car could have been spotted then and monitored to see where I left it for the concert. It was parked next to the wonderful H-Van selling coffee (See below).

Did you see people taking a particular interest in my car at the event?

Please if you can help share this with all other people who attended in the hope someone saw something or may see my belongings over the next weeks.

I am gutted and feel totally shattered that a fellow enthusiast would do this to another DS fan. I am still in total disbelief this has happened after what was an absolutely amazing event that we should all be very proud of. Massive thanks go out to all of the amazing team of volunteers who put together a fantastic event full of wonderful activities and coordinated a superb event that everyone loved!

It was a massive haul and the footprints and handprints in the car show at least 2 people were unloading all of my belongings into another car. This must have been parked right next to mine.

Items stolen from my car on Sunday 12th August 2012 are below.

Distinctive Burgundy Citroën DS 20 with a black bungie cord holding the boot on slightly disguising the numberplate KGV143K.

Theft was from the car on the main route from the main arena to the Real Ale Bar and disabled camp site possibly between 8-9 PM in the first part of the Ukelele Orchestra performance. 

My car was parked next to the distinctive DS Safari in the background of this picture.

My door locks were forced open with a DS or same era key and no damage was caused to the car. I am very careful to cover things and fully lock my car at all times. 

I have forgotten things and will only start to realise as I can not find them any more when looking for them. 

The following items were stolen from my car:

  • 2 x complete rear internal repair panels from Tom Verheyden in the Netherlands. Both sprayed black - left and right with rear gutters and support panels to weld to the boot back and floor. About 1 metre long and arched in a kind of fan shape. Photos to follow. (VERY RARE - only 2 taken to the event and sold to me - made by Tom and not many are sold as not many cars are as rusty as mine)! 
  • 2 x full sets (4 different size pipes) taped up by Tom Verheyden. These are black with internal foam.
  • 1 x rear right bumper mounting (new) in black.
  • 1 x old original front wheel bearing unscrewing tool. It was big with long handles either side to unscrew bearings on a DS. Quite distinctive.
  • 1 x full set of rear left back door (4 pieces) lower repair panel in grey metal
  • 1 x full rear repair panel including boot lid lower frame (where the boot catch fits) with holes for rear bumper to fit through and connect to both right and left repair panels. 
  • 1 x lower rear repair panel with 2 rubber grommets. 
  • 1 x left elephant's ear
  • 1 x right elephant's ear with gap for fuel filling pipe
  • 1 x engine oil sensor 
  • 1 x engine oil thermometer
  • 1 x second hand front drivers side internal door handle in great condition
  • 1 x driver's door mirror in stainless steel
  • 1 x DS armrest - in light grey with ripped top (due to old age) in dark red to match interior of car
  • 1 x IKEA orange and beige striped pillow case to cover messy armrest!
  • 1 x Aluminium rear bumper for ID19 1957 - 1962 (VERY RARE)
  • 1 x Aluminium front right bumper blade for ID19 1957 - 1962 (VERY RARE)

Other Personal belongings that were stolen at the same time

  • 1 x Panhard PL17 brochure in plastic file protector with £8 crossed out in black pen (had other inserts of information) very rare and all in english. With yellow/ brown animal fur cover. VERY VERY RARE! 
  • 3 x classic Autocar magazines from 1959 including one with ID19 original road test. 
  • 1 x Classic white Ipod with headphones in a hand made mid red material case
  • 1 x Garmin Nuivi 205w with black unmarked case for the GPS
  • 1 x classic dark blue (size of a postcard) Classic Pan Am overnight case (originally free from the airline) case for the cable and windscreen sucker
  • Distinctive Green leather belt with pewter colour buckle from Zara.
  • Black DS Rally goodie bag with bright red Tent Bag with fold up top and clip. In bright red material like a lorry side. 
  • Red Herring Black overnight bag with a lime green piping and writing with Gillete Sensor Razor, Toothbrush in blue plastic case, Tea Tree Shower Gel, mini toothpastes, etc
  • Black M & S fabric bag with wine, mouldy (by now) fruit salad and spoon, etc
  • 1 x Arthur Ransome - Peter Duck - classic penguin paper back like below - super rare! 
  • 1 x Saturday Independent paper and all segments 
  • 1 x A4 size AA Map of Great Britain 
  • 1 x bright green thin knit jumper from House of Fraser - brand Linea
  • 1 x stripy blue and white shorts with red and white striped internal pockets from Topman size 32
  • 1 x blue and red and other colour checked Penguin brand shorts knee length Size 32
  • 1 x dark blue T- Shirt with SCIENCE written on the front with an old cadillac and insect in blue and white. Fruit of the loom T shirt in Medium
  • 1 x mid brown T-shirt with a bicycle with a large moustache pattern on front.
  • 1 x bright red swimming trunks with pink top and yellow string ties very bright and distinctive
  • 1 x Berghaus Paclite 2 Outdoor Coat - Gore Tex Black lightweight jacket Size M. 
  • 1 x SIGG Swiss Metal water bottle in light blue/ lilac with flowers
  • 1 x Craghoppers top zip pull on fleece top in grey/brown
  • 1 x bright mint / turquoise medium towel
  • 1 x faded lime green Co Op fabric bag with 2006 or 2008 conference details on with dirty washing.
  • 1 x 1970's brown squares (inch square size! )medium towel. Distinctive and dated! 
  • 1 x Aldi Fairtrade large shopping bag in natural calico colour full of clothes - bag really distinctive and about 60 cm x 60cm
  • 1 x 32 inch light beige chino type trousers from H & M
  • Pants and socks - variety of item from H & M and Gap.
  • 1 x small classic grey plastic tool box with tools including an old 2CV wing mirror as an inspection tool and other items including spanners, sockets, screwdrivers, etc. 
  • 1 x red (pink) polo shirt from H & M
  • 1 x LHM bottle not total
  • Various new rubber washers and plugs for DS
  • 1 x M&S camping fold up chair
  • 1 x green rucksack and camping chair in one piece
  • 1 x bright red round kettle for camping stove
  • 1 x Coleman camping stove with 2 sealed gas cylinders and spoons, knives, etc in an old cardboard box
  • 1 x Havaiana black with brazil colours in side. Size 41-42
  • 1 x Havaiana light grey with brazil colours in side. Size 41-42

I had loads of things in my car and trying to remember what else was taken. 

Thanks loads and lets hope some of these things appear through other club links with other counties in Europe. Many items are rare and unusual and will hopefully stand out.

Thank you so much for looking at this list.

Yours sincerely


Ewan Phillips
48 Upland Road
Suffolk IP4 5BT 
United Kingdom

Mobile: 0044 7737 647369

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