Problems with remembering login

We are aware that many people are experiencing problems with their login to the site not being remembered correctly, meaning they have to log in again on each visit. We're trying to figure out why this is, and will sort it as soon as we can.

In the meantime, if it makes life easier, you should be able to change your password by going to the "My Account" link once you're logged in.

Thanks for bearing with us.

Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't

I find sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work my PC remembers the login details but the site doesn't.

my Father changed his password and it wouldn't let him sign in at all saying that the username was already in use, so changing your password may just bring on even more problems to logging in.

It is driving me insane! I

It is driving me insane! I have to log in everyday and sometimes every hour if I leave the site and try to come back. Very frustrating.


Retention of login details

I mid-March we were promised a sort out to ensure that one could csll up the site without continuously being asked for Password etc


Whwenever I try to access the site, I still have to provide my site name and password even though it is now nearly mid-May.  Is there any progress in the background?

This has been discussed in

This has been discussed in the forum, Brian - no, there's no resolution yet. We think we know what the problem is in a bit more detail, but resolving it seems to be another matter...

Working on it next week

I've got a fair bit of work to get through, but now have proper connectivity - so next week I'll devote some time to researching (with the info that Adrian gave me, and then seeing what's been updated since) and hopefully implementing a solution. I've got a couple of ideas, having had similar problems with other sites I manage/have built under Joomla.

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Any idea how I can change this... anyone?


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