CCC Forums are open!

At the request of the Board, the Club Forums have been opened up to be externally accessed (read only) by non-members. If you're a non-member, simply sign up by clicking on "Create New Account" or Register. Once you have registered, you will be able to browse the CCC Forums.

For more information please see Club Announcements if you're a Club Member -


The Board took the decision

The Board took the decision to open the Forums to non-members on a read only basis as there was the possibility that it could encourage new members.

The forums do show prospective members that there is good feedback available from other members to technical questions, although this is more prevalent on some models than others.

The 'Events' section has postings about forthcoming events in more detail than in the Diary and could encourage prospective members to attend and subsequently join.

Information required by the club for membership administration purposes is protected by the Data Protection Act. However, if a member, or anyone else, voluntarily puts personal data onto the web, in no matter what form, they cannot expect to have it protected, unless it is something specifically stated to be protected, such as credit card or bank details.

Therefore, if members have information which they do not wish to become public knowledge this should be omitted from a posting and possibly conveyed by a more secure method such as e-mail or telephone.

The PM and e-mail contact buttons will not appear when non-members visit the forums so they will not be able to contact members individually, unless contact details are given in the actual posting.

Brian Drummond

CCC website Forums

What a shame The Board didn't go the whole hog & allow non-members to view forum posts without having to first register, as is the case with all the other Citroen forums that I look at.

It's no wonder the CCC forum has low levels of participation. The club needs to fully embrace the modern world we live in, rather than living in the past.

Even though I am registered as a user & when I'm signed in I am denied access to many areas of The Forums, including the 'Website Help' section!.

I can see the model sections & noticed the SM section is missing. I wonder where that has gone?

I live in hope of seeing some improvements to this website,

Shaun Lilley

CCC website Forums

I entirely agree with the above, having worked on SMs, DS, CX2cvs and still own a 50s and 80s 2cv, BX tzd ,DS Safari, CX Turbo 2 Estate ,C6.

 Having other classics it is not possible to belong to every club going but it would have been enjoyable to participate and pass on some of my findings on the way after years of working and owning these remarkable  vehicles.




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