Citroen Centenary celebrations

It's 2018, and we are now just one year away from the centenary of our favourite marque – 2019 will mark one hundred years of Citroen manufacturing since 1919. Few manufacturers have had such an impact on the world of motoring as Citroen, and few anniversaries are more significant. France

Naturally this demands the proper acknowledgement, and you should already be aware of the main French centenary event taking place over the weekend of 19-21 July. Note that the venue for this has changed, and is now the Citroen site at La Ferte-Vidame, rather than the Michelin site at Ladoux / Clermont-Ferrand. Britain

In addition to the French event it is also intended to commemorate the centenary in the UK, and representatives from all three major clubs have come together to lead the creation of this event. The team comprises names that you will know: Tamsin Barrow, Phil Chidlow, Julian Pratt, Jim Rogers, Nic Shaw and Nigel Wild.

Our aim

We intend to create an opportunity for all British Citroen enthusiasts to come together and celebrate 100 years of Citroen car manufacture. This is for people above all, as well as the cars, and it will be open to every Citroen owner, whether or not a member of any club, register or forum.

We have plans...

The team is already discussing ideas as to the format, venue and content of our Centenary – and this is where we need your help! We already have in mind:

- a car from every year

- a thousand cars for a century of Citroen

But there's much more to it than this! Will this be a single-location event, or multiple events? Will it be mobile – a road-run around the country? What would you like it to be, and to do?

Ideas wanted!

This is your opportunity to help shape the Centenary, so please send us your ideas and suggestions now.. At this stage, nothing is too radical for consideration, so think big - don't wait to be left behind!

You have until the end of January 2018 to get in touch with your ideas – contact us at:

Help wanted!

Equally, if you would like to help – because this is going to need more than six people! - please let us know, and join the number of volunteers that is already starting to grow. You can volunteer at any time, but the earlier the better. Be part of a unique event – there will only be one Centenary!

A little more detail

The Centenary will be run by a limited company, to avoid any possible liability falling on any individual club or member, and we intend to work in close co-operation with Citroen UK.

What's next?

We will respond to all offers and suggestions before developing the definitive concept of the event. Watch out for regular updates via magazines, websites and forums; this message is going out as widely as possible, and we aim to keep everyone informed.

Want to know more?

Talk to any of the team members listed above, or contact us at:




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